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Social Selling is a practical guide to selling in any industry to consumers in the digital world. Attendees of the bootcamp will leave armed with the techniques, tools and insights they need to achieve their sales objectives.

Book now! Limited spaces available. 

Start to grow your online business today.

How Can We Help FZE, the communications company that brought you Social Media Week to the Middle East will be hosting a series of 4 special masterclasses from the 13th - 27th September, a choice of AM or PM classes.

According to a recent study carried out by Forrester Research, over 74% of today’s buyers conduct online research before making a purchase. So, how can you start influencing your buyers before your competitors? How Can We Help FZE now hosts a day long social selling masterclass sessions.

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By understanding how to use Social Selling in your business, you’ll be able to use online platforms to build, nurture and amplify your buyer relationships and ultimately drive conversions and revenue.

What will you learn?

  • How Social Media has Changed Buyer Behavior and attitudes

  • How and why audiences interact differently with the social channels available to them

  • How Social Media can be used as a powerful Customer Service tool

  • How you can use advanced Social Listening techniques for market research and brand management

  • Why social proof is an important tactic to increase conversions

  • How to build and audit influencer campaigns that will give you the best ROI

  • How to maximize your profits by aligning Sales and Marketing strategies with your Social Media campaigns

  • How to understand the key metrics for measuring success with your Social Media efforts

Who should attend?

  • Influencers in the field of Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, Mindfulness and Beauty

  • C-Suite and Managers from Sales and Marketing

  • Sales Consultants

  • Account, Business Development and Relationship Managers

  • Anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities

  • Certificate of Completion which will count to the overall diploma from other digital courses

You will also benefit from

  • Build highly effectively and persuasive social profiles

  • Effectively manage your personal brand and reputation online

  • Increase your sales performance by up to 400%

  • Enhance your teams and career with new skills

Book now! Limited spaces available 

Start to grow your online business today

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