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Team building and effective communication in one hour! Effective communication is fundamental to success in all aspects of life.

Contact us to start communicating better.

The most common problem all people learn to live with is that others do not understand us the same way we understand ourselves. Despite the fact that we dwell in our own minds, and understand our thoughts and actions well, no other person can see things from our point of reference. 

With understanding comes compassion and true human connection, this is the reason why communication is so vital in society. With 7.2 billion of us on the planet, each with different fingerprints, pupils and DNA, how do we communicate more effectively? 

THE POWER HOUR empowers you to better understand yours and other’s trigger points, differences, motivators and fears!

Jobs and other aspects of our life require strong communication skills and socially active people with improved communication skills usually enjoy better relationships with work colleagues, friends and family too.

What will you learn?

  • Understand people drivers, motivators and fears.

  • Communicate effectively on all levels with anyone.

  • Determine yours and other’s behavioral types.

  • Get the best out a team.

  • Read people even by email or phone call.

  • Build instant rapport.

  • Change your style to positively impact and get the best out of others.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders.

  • Managers.

  • HR Professionals.

  • Teachers.

  • Sales people.

  • Customer care teams.

  •  Couples.

What does the hour involve?

  • Key Learning worksheets

  • Revision aids to take away

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Team building activity

  • Basic DISC behavioral type assessment

  • Understand the DISC behavioral model

Book now! Limited spaces available 

Start building success today.

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