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Event Management

An Evening With JLO

Exclusive Intimate Evening With JLO at Cavalli sponsored by Magerit/ Damas

How we helped.

Project was undertaken for our client Magerit under Damas to find a suitable event with a noteworthy celebrity that enabled the brand messages and products to be amplified. JLO being an A lister with million of followers was the perfect target. Coupled with Cavalli club, HCWH created the ideal platform and event, titled, An intimate audience with JLO at Cavalli. We were then able to infuse the media hype about the event to showcase our client Magerit/ Damas and leverage the opportunity to sponsor the event.


In all, HCWH generated 79 pages of press coverage, $896,253 PR coverage and 14 million views with Worldwide Press coverage of Dubai event including UK, Russia, India and US.  

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